Established 1947

Happiness Fund

The Hollydale Happiness Fund was born in 1982 to serve the needs of the local community. During your time at the Clubhouse, you’ll notice the “Happiness Fund Jar”. Any donations are appreciated and given annually to our Lower Russian River neighbors to share the good times…Here’s how it started.

Let me start with who, past Hollydale Clubhouse President; Tommy Blocher. Why??

Well, one rainy morning in December on his way to work, Tommy saw this wet elderly lady along the roadway. He stopped his car and asked if he could drive her somewhere. She was very disoriented in her reply. Being near “Sunny Slope Home” on Mirabel Road, Tommy figured they might assist him in finding out more about her. As it turned out she was a resident there and had wandered off before she was missed.

Tommy mentioned this situation to The Hollydale Clubhouse members; Dave Calhan, Mary Calhan, Tom Harshbarger, Ruby and Merritt Colson. The question came up regarding being able to do something for these elderly folks at “Sunny Slope Home”. Dave and Merritt went and asked how many male and female residents there were and if there would be any objections to bringing in Christmas gifts and some good cheer to the residents. Meeting with their approval, the “Happiness Fund” came into being assisted by Polly Mayhew (Polly’s Perch), Irene Winan, Neil Ferguson, a shopping group was formed from the above members and ably assisted by Helma Kamstra, Vitta Sidorov, Mary Durbin, Ted Johnson and Lois Hipps.

The next year we heard of a young girl in Forestville area who had fallen into a swimming pool and a long period of time passed before she was discovered, resulting in brain damage. Bills and more bills mounted for her recovery. Father had to take much time off work while mother had to stay home and care for the other children. There were fund raising programs set up, but all the monies went to medical bills. So… the Hollydale Clubhouse members said, “Give a direct donation at Christmas $1000, no strings attached”.

Next, we heard of a group called “Make a Dream Come True” who are collecting to take a leukemia victim to Disneyland, but he said he would rather have an “Atari” game so his brothers and sisters could enjoy it with him…again monies were sent.

We learned of a large family living in a shack, father unemployed for months, mother pregnant, children without shoes, hand-me-down clothing, food and money scare…Christmas monies given to brighten their Christmas.

There are many more cases and worthy causes in the area that could stand a lift in a time of need. Instead of just a few original “Happiness Fund” members the suggestion was made to put a jar out and get donations toward making one or more causes benefit from our fund. Remeber we try to take care of our local folk who are in need. Any amount is always welcome in the “Happiness Fund Jar”.

Once a preacher said, “Let’s keep the noise of the donation down”, but we say, “a little rattle brings attention to our cause”. Get a good feeling by giving a helping hand and put some money in the jar to help a needy person or cause…any day can be a need day.

Past Hollydale Club Board Chairman, Merritt Colson (pictured above in the annual Forestville parade)

10241 Old River Road
(Corner of Frank Street)
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone 707-887-0330

PO Box 215
Forestville, CA 95436

Thank you, the Hollydale Clubhouse – looks amazing and we had an excellent time there… we are looking forward for a September date.
– Maria, Santa Rosa, 2017
Hi this was my first time at the Corned beef event, I absolutely loved it. I go to all the breakfasts that I can attend, so now this event is a must do every year. Thank  you for all the great memories. Your little clubhouse brings back all the memories of the many years I spent as a kid up on the Old Russian River in the summer..It is so community.. Big hugs and slap on the back and high fives to all the hard working folks who put all these wonderful events on. Thanks again.
– Jenner, Sebastopol, 2018