Established 1947

Resiliency Center

We were caught off-guard October 2019 during the fires and mandatory evacuations with the electrical power grid shut-downs, unable to open the facility for use during a 5–7 day period due to not having any electricity. Multiple requests from the locals were received to open as a possible gathering/bonding/news sharing point in our community (which included residents of the Summerhome Park, Terrace, Scenic, Foresthill’s and Hacienda neighborhoods)…the ability to open shows our 77 year old Community Clubhouse is progressing into the future, possibly the new norm and continuing to be recognized as a safe-zone when conditions are severe enough to leave your own home.

During the great Flood of 1986 the Hollydale Community Clubhouse was a centrally located “Hub” as we were an island cut-off from access in and out along River Road, without power for 8 days…the Clubhouse was opened, bottled water was delivered via helicopter, we were powered up and neighbors showed up with their defrosted meats and wares…we had the biggest BBQ block party during a very serious time. Socially rewarding to provide neighborhood interaction when needed…not to mention all the thawed abalone that was consumed!

Back-up Emergency Power:

We applied and received from the County of Sonoma, a Flood Mitigation Grant in response to the February 2019 Russian River floods, addressing key needs of local non-profit organizations affected by the flooding. This $11,000 grant has been used to contract with Spyrka Electric, Sebastopol to provide and install a 16kw Standby L/P Generac Gas Generator, 16 circuit Transfer Switch and Commercial Disconnect, to completely power-up the 2500 sq./ft. Hollydale Community Clubhouse during times when electrical power from PG&E is cut or power is out during high water, flooding, storm related conditions. Automatically switching on when incoming electricity is shut-off…provides a safe, fully automatic switching system, to keep the facility always energized. Unit self-tests weekly.

Over the recent years, the Hollydale Community Clubhouse has been identified as in a strategic location along the lower Russian River between Forestville (proper) and Rio Nido, able to provide a as needed neighborhood and community day-use Resiliency Center, open to the public. Located high above the flood level, with the ability to provide shelter, warmth, cooking facilities, Internet access, Restroom provisions and Parking, as well as camaraderie during these times.

10241 Old River Road
(Corner of Frank Street)
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone 707-887-0330

PO Box 215
Forestville, CA 95436

Thank you, the Hollydale Clubhouse – looks amazing and we had an excellent time there… we are looking forward for a September date.
– Maria, Santa Rosa, 2017
Hi this was my first time at the Corned beef event, I absolutely loved it. I go to all the breakfasts that I can attend, so now this event is a must do every year. Thank  you for all the great memories. Your little clubhouse brings back all the memories of the many years I spent as a kid up on the Old Russian River in the summer..It is so community.. Big hugs and slap on the back and high fives to all the hard working folks who put all these wonderful events on. Thanks again.
– Jenner, Sebastopol, 2018