Established 1947

History & About Hollydale Park

Hollydale Park was a west Sonoma County sub-division development project in 1929. Joe Pohley, a Healdsburg Realtor and sub-division promoter, purchased 140 acres from the Druids in 1928 west of Green Valley Creek along Martinelli Road and possibly other lands and sold sites for Russian river summer vacation homes. These building sites were advertised by Mr. Pohley in 1931…”LOCATED on Russian river. one mile below Mirabel. Large beach for lot owners. Buy before the bridge is built at prices that will surprise you. And terms are only $5. down and $5. per month. J.C. Pohley, Healdsburg, Cal.” According to Pohley, “a paved road leads to within a mile of the property and the Northwestern Pacific railroad runs through it.” Featuring (50) lots fronting on the river, offered at special prices and terms. The lots are 50’x100′ and each one includes a smaller one stretching 15′ along the river, large enough for a private landing and bath house.

In 1947 the surrounding neighbors of this Hollydale Park community came together to purchase the land the Clubhouse sits on, as a social gathering place for the summer-time community folk. At that time the neighborhood was primarily inhabited by summer vacation homeowners who wanted a common location where they could all come together for social benefit and shared meals… Over that next year, they built the Hollydale Clubhouse with work parties, scraps of lumber and materials brought up from the city and soon the Hollydale Community Club was in full swing.

In 1953, May 28th to be exact, the Hollydale Community Club officers formed a State of California corporation with the purpose noted on the Articles of Incorporation: “To promote sociability and good fellowship among residents and property owners of this community. To have a meeting place where various groups may meet for pleasure and entertainment. Saturday nights for adults, one or two evenings a week for young people. Nondenominational Sunday school and bible class on Sunday. This Club has been organized pursuant to the general non-profit corporation law.”

Hollydale Park & Local County History

1876 – The railroad is built from Fulton, CA terminating at Korbel Mills, crossing over the Russian River at Hacienda (Cosmo) via the Railroad Bridge, where River Road runs today.

1876 – First Post Office at Korbel

1879 – Highest Property Damage Russian River flood @ 42.10′ (very first official recording).

1882 – Korbel Winery created

1889 – Railroad declares Mirabel Park a picnic ground.

1890 – Original Hacienda railroad bridge updated with a new iron truss, same wooden piers

1891 – Mirabel Park becomes The Reverie

1894 – Hilton Post Office established, Hilton Resort established

1898 – Summer bridges built across the river at Wall Ford near Mirable Park and near Korbel

1906 – Northern California Earthquake

1914 – New Hacienda railroad river bridge over Russian River built of steel and concrete

1914 – World War I starts

1918 – World War I ends

1920 – Prohibition starts

1926 – Cosmo Farm is bought and turned into Hacienda Resort

1926 – Rio Dell Resort created

1929 – Stock market Crashes. Great Depression begins

1929 – Hollydale Park created

1933 – Prohibition ends

1935 – Railroad service ends for the Fulton to Monte Rio line

1935 – Golden Gate Bridge opens

1937 – Russian River Hacienda railroad bridge converted to one-way automobile by replacing tracks with a flat wooden deck

1939 – World War II starts

1940 – Russian River Great Flood of 1940 @ 46.87′ 88,400cfs on February 28th 1940

1945 – World War II ends

1947Hollydale Community Club founded in Hollydale Park

1947 – Former Hacienda RR bridge made for two-way cars with old 1914 truss

1952 – Adolph Heck buys Korbel

1953 – Hollydale Community Club Incorporated State of California on May 28th 1953

1956 – Russian River Great Flood of 1956 @ 47.62′ 90,100cfs on December 23rd 1955

1965 – Russian River Great Flood of 1965 @ 47.35′ 93,400cfs on December 23rd 1964

1965 – Mirabel Park Dance Pavilion is torn down due to fears from the county that it could wash away in a flood

1972 – Russian River Pub built as “Safeway Bob’s”

1986 – Russian River Great Flood of 1986 @ 49.50′ 102,000cfs on February 18th 1986

1995 – Russian River Great Flood of 1995 @ 48.00′ 93,900cfs on January 10th 1995

1997 – Hollydale Clubhouse celebrates 50 years in the Community. August 16th 1997.

1998 – Hollydale Clubhouse recognized as a Non-Profit 501(c)(4) public benefit Corp.

1999 – Mom’s Beach (formerly Hollydale Beach) becomes a Sonoma County Regional Park.

1999 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives Land Donation (Parking Lot) – Janice Costantini Trust.

2014 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $400 Table Tennis Grant – Forestville Comm Fund.

2016 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $1000. Main Room Flooring – Forestville Comm Fund.

2017 – Skippy’s Restaurant Hacienda (long abandoned) demolished.

2019 – Russian River Great Flood of 2019 @ 45.38′ 85,300cfs on February 27th 2019

2020 – Hollydale Clubhouse Covid Shut-Down for 16 months…No Income, no fun.

2020 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $500. “We Care” Grant – Forestville Chamber.

2020 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $250. Assistance Grant – Russian River Rotary.

2020 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $4200. Covid-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

2020 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $11000. Back-up Generator TIF Flood Mitigation Grant from County of Sonoma – District 5.

2020 – Hollydale, Canyon, Terrace, California Fire Safe Council started. Zone SON-1J1

2021 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $2000. ADA Design Grant – Forestville Comm Fund.

2021 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives 2nd. $500. “We Care” Grant – Forestville Chamber.

2022 – Hollydale Clubhouse celebrates 75 years in the Community…Life after Covid.

2022 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $1000. Refrigeration Grant – Forestville Comm Fund.

2023 – Our FireSafe Council HCT (Hollydale, Canyon, Terrace) receives national recognition as a Firewise USA Certified Community!! Dedicated to Deb Coy…

2023 – Hollydale Clubhouse receives $2000. Tankless Water Heater Grant – Forestville Community Fund.

Today, all-age family social and cultural events continue in the historical tradition of the founders with social gatherings and fundraising to provide community benefits in a neighborhood setting, while providing support to keep the Club operational.

Did you know?…That the Hollydale Community Club was “Commended and Congratulating the Members of the Hollydale Community Club and Proclaiming August 16th 1997, as Hollydale Community Club 50th Anniversary Day in Sonoma County” by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

Come be part of the 77 year-old tradition!

10241 Old River Road
(Corner of Frank Street)
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone 707-887-0330

PO Box 215
Forestville, CA 95436

Thank you, the Hollydale Clubhouse – looks amazing and we had an excellent time there… we are looking forward for a September date.
– Maria, Santa Rosa, 2017
Hi this was my first time at the Corned beef event, I absolutely loved it. I go to all the breakfasts that I can attend, so now this event is a must do every year. Thank  you for all the great memories. Your little clubhouse brings back all the memories of the many years I spent as a kid up on the Old Russian River in the summer..It is so community.. Big hugs and slap on the back and high fives to all the hard working folks who put all these wonderful events on. Thanks again.
– Jenner, Sebastopol, 2018