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In 1947 the surrounding neighborhood of Hollydale Park came together to purchase the land as a social gathering place for the community. At that time the neighborhood was primarily inhabited by summer vacation home owners who wanted a common location where they could all come together for social benefit and shared meals. Over that next year, they built the clubhouse with workparties and soon the Hollydale Community Club was in full swing.

The Happiness Fund was born in 1982 to serve the needs of the local community. The Fund grows from January thru November. In December, Club Board Members seek out community members in need of support with whom they can share the "good times" during the holiday season.

Lifetime Members, Chris and Charles Atkins, honor their son with the Taylor Atkins Memorial Scholarship. The local scholarship fund is available to members with graduating seniors from the West County School District for continued education. Taylor's generous and free spirit lives on in the young club members as they pursue their dreams.

Today, cultural events continue in the historical tradition of the founders with social gathering and fundraising to provide community benefits in a neighborhood setting while providing support to keep the Club operational while also supporting the the Happiness Fund and the Taylor Atkins Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Come be part of the 70 year-old tradition!

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